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E-mail jokes
Joke 1
Why couldn't the alligator send e-mails on his PC? Because it was on old croc.

Joke 2
Why couldn't the apple send an e-mail to the orange? Because the lime was engaged.

Joke 3
Why didn't the internit get any e-mail? Because his e-dog kept chasing the e-postman.

Joke 4
Why do church bells never send e-mails? They'd rather give each other a ring.

Joke 5
Why did the internit paint his computer screen in little black and white squares? He wanted to check his e-mail.

Joke 6
Why don't vikings send e-mails? They prefer to use Norse code.

Joke 7
Why don't you stamp e-mails? Because your foot would go right through the computer screen!

Joke 8
Pupil: Sir, would you mind e-mailing my exam results to my parents? Teacher: But your parents don't have a comuter. Pupil: Exactly!

Joke 9
Do you send e-mails on your home computer? What's the point? I can just bring my home along with me and have a chat.

Joke 10
How come you never write e-mails? I'd rather send a note!

Joke 11
How do athletes send e-mails? On the Inter-sweat.

Joke 12
How do comedians send messages? By tee-hee mail.

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