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Joke 1
An applicant was being interviewed for admission to a prominent medical school. "Tell me," inquired the interviewer, "where do you expect to be ten years from now?" "Well, let's see," replied the student. "It's Wednesday afternoon. I guess I'll be on the golf course by now."

Joke 2
Teenage Driver: But, officer, I'm a college man. Policeman: Sorry, but ignorance is no excuse.

Joke 3
Why do University of Arkansas graduates tape their diplomas to the windshields of their cars? So they can park in handicapped spaces.

Joke 4
How do you know a Brigham Young student's been mowing the lawn? The welcome mat is destroyed.

Joke 5
What does the N on the Nebraska football helmet stand for? "Nowledge."

Joke 6
Why did the University of Oklahoma researcher stay awake every night? He was trying to find a cure for insomnia.

Joke 7
Why don't Purdue athletes eat pickles? They can't get their heads in the jar.

Joke 8
What do you get when you cross a Texas Aggie with an ape? A retarded ape.

Joke 9
Professor: Heavens! Someone stole my wallet! Wife: Didn't you feel a hand in your pocket? Professor Yes, but I thought it was mine!

Joke 10
Did you hear about the Louisiana Tech professor who stood in front of a mirror for two hours, wondering where he'd seen himself before?

Joke 11
"Professor, I hear your wife has had twins. Boys or girls?" "Well, I believe one is a girl and one is a boy but it may be the other way around."

Joke 12
Astronomy Professor: What causes a half-moon? Student: When you can't get your jeans over your thighs.

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