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Bus jokes
Joke 1
Cross-eyed monster: When I grow up I want to be a bus driver. Witch: Well, I won't stand in your way.

Joke 2
How do eels get around the seabed? They go by octobus.

Joke 3
Bus passenger: I'd like a ticket to New York, please. Ticket seller: By Buffalo? Bus passenger: Of course not, I'm in the bus queue, aren't I?

Joke 4
What did the bus conductor say to the frog? Hop on.

Joke 5
Why did the bat miss the bus? Because he hung around for too long.

Joke 6
What do monsters play when they are in the bus? Squash.

Joke 7
What would you get if you crossed King Kong with a skunk? I don't know but it could always get a seat on a bus!

Joke 8
Why couldn't the skeleton pay his bus fare? Because he was skint.

Joke 9
Roger was sitting in a very full bus when a fat woman opposite said, "If you were a gentleman, young man, you'd stand up and let someone else sit down." "And if you were a lady," replied Roger, "you'd stand up and let four people sit down."

Joke 10
What's the difference between a bus driver and a cold? A bus driver knows the stops, and a cold stops the nose.

Joke 11
A man standing at a bus stop was eating a hamburger. Next to him stood a lady with her little dog, which became very excited at the smell of the man's supper and began whining and jumping up at him. "Do you mind if I throw him a bit?" said the man to the lady. "Not at all," she replied, whereupon the man picked the dog up and threw it over a wall.

Joke 12
Teacher: Tommy Russell, you're late again. Tommy: Sorry, sir. It's my bus - it's always coming late. Teacher: Well, if it's late again tomorrow, catch an earlier one.

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