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Burger jokes
Joke 1
Are hamburgers male? Yes, because they're boygers, not girlgers!

Joke 2
Can a hamburger marry a hot dog? Only if they have a very frank relationship!

Joke 3
Can you name two burgers who are royalty? Sir Loin and Burger King!

Joke 4
Do hamburgers make good vampires? No, because they always find themselves in ghoulash situations!

Joke 5
Do they really serve burgers in Transylvania? Very rare-ly.

Joke 6
How are UFO's related to hamburgers? Both are Unidentified Frying Objects!

Joke 7
How can you tell which Burger Land baseball pitchers are left-handed? They're the one's wearing the left-handed 'meats'!

Joke 8
How did the jury find the hamburger? Grill-ty as charred!

Joke 9
How do gossipy hamburgers spend their time? They chew the fat.

Joke 10
How do the Rolling Stones like their burgers? Plain - Rolling Stones gather no moss-tard!

Joke 11
How do they prevent crime in hamburger country? With burger alarms!

Joke 12
How do we know burgers love young people? They're pro-teen!

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