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Baby jokes
Joke 1
What does a baby computer call his father? Data.

Joke 2
Did you hear about the witch who had the ugliest baby in the world? She didn't push the pram - she pulled it.

Joke 3
What was the policeman's baby's first words ? Hallo, Hallo, Hallo !

Joke 4
Knock knock. Who's there? Baby Owl. Baby Owl who? Baby Owl see you later, baby not.

Joke 5
How can you tell if a snake is a baby snake? It has a rattle.

Joke 6
What did the mummy snake say to the crying baby snake? Stop crying and viper your nose.

Joke 7
What do baby pythons play with? Rattle-snakes.

Joke 8
What would you get if you crossed a new-born snake with a basketball? A bouncing baby boa.

Joke 9
What is a baby bee? A little humbug.

Joke 10
Which is the only day you are safe in a cannibal village? Sitterdays (when they eat the baby-sitter instead).

Joke 11
How did the witch almost lose her baby? She didn't take it far enough into the woods.

Joke 12
What are baby witches called? Halloweenies.

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